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Advantages of PVC coil car mat

Jan. 09, 2019

PVC coil mat are widely used as car mat nowdays, as a professional PVC coil mat machine manufacture, let us introduce the advantages of PVC coil car mat:
1. The PVC coil car mat can relieve foot fatigue and increase the pleasure during driving.
2, PVC coil car mat products have super elastic, excellent load-bearing capacity, extrusion is not deformed, instant memory recovery, intact as before.
3, the product contains flame retardant materials, in case of fire, it will be extinguished, to prevent the fire caused by cigarettes and other flammable items falling, causing a greater accident.
4, PVC coil car mat has a natural permanent anti-fouling and waterproof function, the unique wire ring structure can lock the stain moisture without leakage, keep the car clean and tidy at any time, easy to clean, one flush is clean.
5, there are a lot of inferior wire ring pads on the market containing harmful chlorinated paraffin and benzene, these chemical components have serious damage to the human body. The good wire ring pads are made of high-tech materials, green and environmentally-friendly, without any pollution elements, no irritating gases, and bring safer and healthier eco-friendly car space.
6, PVC coil car mat structure is easy to care, easy to clean, can inhibit bacterial growth, has a good safety and antibacterial effect, comprehensively defend the car inside the health.
7. The special technology of the wire ring pad makes the product have anti-static function, effectively releasing the static electricity generated by the air drying, high-speed driving and air friction, not only protecting people's safety, but also protecting the electronic equipment inside the car, anti-static floor mat. safer.
8, the wire ring pad unique magic lock technology makes the foot pad and the car surface tightly engaged, firm and not walking. The foot pad is not stained with water, preventing accidents caused by wet and slippery feet under the rain and snow, multi-directional safety upgrade, and easy-to-dry features are more convenient to clean.
9. The wire ring pads are not stiff under low temperature conditions and do not melt under high temperature conditions. It has good weather resistance, no cold, no heat, no deformation, no fading, and reliable quality and long service life.
10, the wire ring is a super wear-resistant material, high-strength tearing and extrusion can not damage it, durable, long-lasting.

If you are interested in invest on PVC car mat, welcome to our factory to see PVC car mat production line.

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